Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Pregnancy- Month 6

So I thought I'd get on the blog bandwagon now while I'm pregnant and still have some time. I hope to keep everyone posted on what is happening as my pregnancy heads into the 3rd trimester and once the baby is here!
Today is Christmas Eve and Christmas has a very different meaning now. We can't believe that in a few short months we will be parents and that next year we will be celebrating Santa coming to our house!
I'll post more in the coming weeks as I know I have recently updated folks on email. For those I haven't, I will post my message below. Merry Christmas!

Many people have been asking for a pregnancy update so thought I'd send one. Still in month 6 (26 weeks now) but less than 2 weeks until I enter my third trimester! Last week was a bit rough with some excruciating back pain that left me barely able to walk but after a doctor's referral and physical therapy, I'm on the mend. Turns out the belly has pulled my right hip out of alignment (not too unusual) so it was causing major pinched nerves in my back. I need to see the therapist twice a week for the rest of the month and I have some exercises to do. Problem is, the exercises tend to bother the hernia so it's hard to win on this one. The therapist also has Jake giving me nightly back massages so at least I have that going for me!

Otherwise, I've been feeling really good. I've gotten many warnings that the third trimester will bring back the exhaustion and also more discomfort but you never know. We are getting excited as it gets closer and closer to the due date (3 months to go!).

We are going to start working on the baby's room after the holidays. We'll be temporarily moving the cats into the guest room and then when my mom moves to Albany, she has agreed to adopt them!!! (Yeah!) It will be so much better for them as they will have the attention and care they need that I just can't give them anymore. Jake has fun playing with them but they need so much more than we do right now. They will be happy with Mom!

Since I am still torturing Jake and not finding out the gender, we decided on bumble bees for the theme of the room. We're putting in hardwood floors and keeping neutral walls and will go with a pale yellow bee print (not my favorite one since that was discontinued but the next best one).

I attached the latest pregnancy photo for you (Tracey, you'll recognize that shirt!). Maybe when the baby is born I'll be motivated to keep a blog like Sharon. Hope she doesn't mind if the share the address for hers ( so you can check out her adorable kids! I love the photos, videos, funny stories and daily updates and would love to be able to do the same thing one day!